About dRES

De Rock Engineering Services Ltd. (dRES) is a professional registered company established in Ghana since 2008. Our focus is to offer a comprehensive range of customised, diagnostic, realistic quality assured and cost effective engineering services to the industry.

About De Rock Engineering Services Limited

We specialise in engineering and surveys for Planning, Pre-construction, Construction and Structural Monitoring and our experience insure we deliver practical solutions whilst offering value for money.

It is our goal to meet and exceed the expectation of our customers, by analysing their project and working with them, to determine the most cost effective approach, to deliver the end product that meets the requirements of all parties involved. We are well equipped, with the use of latest engineering equipment and software. We utilise Computer Software for processing and CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) for the production of all Plans. With this marriage, we ensure that we achieve accurate, consistent and timely multiple engineering services.

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dRES prides itself on the quality of our service, which is delivered by our strong trained professional team of engineers, surveyors, project contractors and consultants and CAD specialists utilizing the latest technology, state of the art electronic equipment with innovative computer software solutions. Our experienced Engineering Crews are highly competent field personnel. They are dedicated to producing quality work in the field, and complete documentations such as plans to the highest of specifications. Our Staff ensures that they deliver the highest level of customer service.